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Visits of Chinese experts in Greece for issues & areas related to the Olympic Games.

Greek Cultural Event in Beijing

Chinese Cultural Event in Athens

Seminars of Chinese professionals & businessmen in Greece

Visits of Chinese to Greece with Cultural and/or Business interests

Publication of Newsletter in Greek with interesting Cultural, Scientific and Business news from China

Publication with photos & text related to the Olympic Games (both Ancient & Modern) in Chinese.



Art Internet Design



Promote Cultural, Scientific & Business Relations between P.R. China & the Hellenic Republic. more...


Greek & Chinese Personalities from the Cultural, Scientific, Business and Political sectors.

...and be from the first who have certain information about the relations of the two nations.

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Meeting on the Development of China Greece Co-operation on Tertiary Education Meeting with Nanjing Pukou District delegation on Agritourism Development

Seminar on Human Resources Management for XUZHOU Municipality delegation


EKEMOS Presentation at the Municipality of SAMOS


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